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What a year

Updated: Jan 24

For me, I have all the evidence I need to confirm time doesn't exist. Time as we know it through school, work, appointments, etc... sure is real, but really an illusion. Without reference to the past, the calendar, our graying hair, and growing children, we don't experience time, call it the space between two events. It appears to our finite minds that time moves along a linear line and that time passes. But what do we experience? Just close your eyes and contemplate that, don't think about it and try to figure it out, our minds won't allow it, because there is no answer mind comes to an end, so when you sit back and pay attention to what you are experiencing, sounds, sensations, perceptions. It's very interesting, but you probably won't do it. You're too busy. Lol

Well, enough of my philosophizing. The map traces my travels between January 2, 2023, and late December 2023. With Portia as my co-pilot we pulled the Airstream around the entire US as well as British Columbia and Alberta Canada. Approximately 91 different stops and 30,000 miles. All of those miles weren't towing the Airstream, all I know is the truck had about 100 miles on it when we left and over 30,000 when we returned to Dallas.

We discount the feeling that we have all experienced. That feeling of no time passing. It's most noticeable when you talk or meet up with very good friends. You tend to take up where you left off so to speak and it feels as if you've never been apart, it's seamless. I can't explain it, I just know it, like you know it.

This journey so far has been beyond expectations. One reason is that I didn't have any expectations except that it was going to be extraordinary. And it truly has been that. The people, places, experiences, and freedom have been extraordinary. And it feels as if it took no time at all. Now to me, that is extraordinary, I mean I feel as if I've had all these incredible experiences but it didn't take any time.

We met the most amazing people in some of the most incredibly scenic areas of not just the US and Canada but the world. Also, we never encountered any danger or scary situations where I felt our safety was at risk, ever. We had some exciting drives up and down some roads I shouldn't have been on, and a couple of spaces the trailer shouldn't have been. There are many places I'd return to and many places I don't ever need to visit again.

Seeing the world and living in this unique way provides an uncommon perspective on life and this world. And if you are ever compelled to embark on a similar journey, I encourage you to take the plunge and enjoy every moment. Below is a slide show of our journey - so far.

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