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Updated: Sep 2, 2023

I lean over and feel for a furry leg or tail. I never have to reach far. I swear Portia is 7 feet long in bed. Now, we are in an RV-size queen bed, which is not the same as a "real" queen bed. But dogs always seem to expand like a sponge in water when on your bed. The smallest of dogs become Great Danes when they're stretched out. And then won't move when you try to get in. Making you feel like you're inconveniencing them.

When I open my eyes in the morning I can see the smooth, curved silver surface of the aluminum Airstream interior. Believe it or not, it has a really cozy warm feel to it in the morning. You wouldn't think so since you're cocooned in a metal tube but yet it is. The early light seeps in through a square vent in the ceiling above the bed. By the light, you can tell it's morning but the sun hasn't quite made an appearance yet.

We have established a rhythm in our little home. Dogs are very adaptable, much like we are. It may take a little time but once that routine is repeated a few times, all is well. Once Portia has determined I am awake, she patiently waits for those crucial words, "are you ready for a walk?" Hearing this, she leaps off the bed, does her best downward dog stretch, and lets out her patented low guttural howl. And you can feel it. Yes, I'm obsessed with my dog. But who doesn't know that by now? And our day begins. The rhythm starts. The morning walk is not long but it's purposeful. For Portia, it's both ceremonial and necessary. For me, it allows me time to wake up and become oriented to the world again. It's very peaceful. A feeling of solace. Solitude is a state of being and it doesn't feel lonely at all. It's just calm. Even though we are traveling and the surrounding environment is ever-changing, we are always home.

After returning from our morning walk, time for Portia's breakfast and some coffee. I settled on pour-over coffee as my preferred method in this nomadic lifestyle. I love our routine. And I sense Portia agrees.

Below are a few rare photos of Portia and me together taken by a nice neighbor of ours while at San Clemente State Beach. Also a few pics of the inside of our home and a random pic or two.

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1 Comment

Robin Yeakel
Robin Yeakel
Feb 20, 2023

Enjoy reading your blogs. Glad you and Portia are doing so well. Looks very peaceful! Take care of yourself.😊

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