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Tim & Lynn

Updated: 2 days ago

Last week, we stopped in Fort Mills, SC, to visit my friends Tim and Lynn. Tim is one of my closest friends and a former boss of mine. I worked for Tim at XOM for about 13 years. We've kept in touch and played golf with other XOM guys in Florida and Myrtle Beach for several years.

As you can see from the picture, Portia was pretty comfortable. She loved them. Lynn and Portia formed quite a bond. I could have left, and she would have been fine.

I had a reservation at a nearby campground, but Tim said I could probably park in their driveway, which I did. It was perfect! I parked the Airstream and, for about a week, slept in a real bed and showered in a real bathroom. To quote Larry David, "It was pretty, pretty, pretty...good!"

While there, I played my first round of golf in about three years. And that felt pretty good as well! I enjoyed it and played with some great neighbors of theirs.

Portia and I left Fort Mills and headed to Morehead City, NC, to spend a couple of days with a friend whom I met at the retreat. Denny is a Dentist in Morehead City, where he has lived his entire life. His wife, Sarah, was with his oldest son, Poole, at a baseball tournament, so unfortunately, I didn't get to meet them. But I was able to meet his other two children still at home, Anne Rives and Henry. Terrific kids! We enjoyed reconnecting and checking out the beautiful beaches where Portia could hone her herding skills. Not many pics, though.

Portia and I are currently in Charleston, SC, for a couple of days, then headed to Savannah, GA, and then into Florida, where we will traverse to Key West.

Talk to you soon, friends!

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