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The Ripples Continue

Updated: Jan 24

Portia and I unexpectedly found ourselves in Dallas for Christmas. Although unplanned, like all my other travels, rekindling and deepening friendships while taking a break from the road was a welcome opportunity. It was a relaxing and reflective time, I guess thats why I didn't take any pictures. During our stay, we were often asked questions like "What's next?", "What was your favorite spot?", and "Where are you headed next and for how much longer will you continue this journey?" These same questions were on my mind as well, but the short answer is "I don't know."

I try not to overthink where I am going next or how long I will continue traveling. I believe that life reveals itself best when not thought about too much. Of course, I must consider the obvious daily decisions, but I prefer to let my travel plans unfold organically.

After Dallas, we went to Marfa, TX, a funky town with a unique artsy vibe. From there, we went straight to Las Cruces, Tucson, Phoenix, and San Diego, where we are currently staying. We are visiting my friend Matt's wife Jen and trying to support her through a difficult time. We are also spending time with other friends and enjoying beach time at Del Mar, especially at Del Mar Dog Beach.

What a hardship it is to be in San Diego! What's not to like about it? We are staying at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which is part of the Del Mar Horse race track. Can't you just hear Bing Crosby crooning Where the Turf meets the Surf? No? Well, there is Spotify. We will be close to the area and plan to visit a couple of state beaches before returning to San Diego. Next week, we will meet Tom, Janine, and a few others at Josua Tree National Park.

Until next time, take care, friends.

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1 Comment

Jan 24

Peg's Beach!!! I'll have to go there!

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