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Squamish and Whistler, BC

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Following Tofino, Portia and I took the ferry back over to mainland BC to Horseshoe Bay then drove up to Squamish and Whistler. I don't have many pics as it was unfortunately very smoky due to several wildfires in BC and Alberta.

Squamish is known for its rock climbing venues. Some of the best rock climbing in the world can be found here. One of the largest granite monoliths called "The Chief" is a principal challenge for climbers and while at the base of it, you look close with binoculars you can see climbers at various stages of ascent or descent. With the naked eye, you can hardly see them. Many avid outdoors enthusiasts say Squamish is the best location to live because of its proximity to surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, fishing, and skiing.

Whistler is known mainly for its skiing but boasts many other activities like Squamish and is a short drive north. They have an Olympic park that was built for the 2010 Winter Olympics which is very impressive.

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