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Seneca Lake-Finger Lake Region New York

You know, it's really funny when you drive to a new place, set up camp, go have dinner, meet some great people and have a wonderful conversation, have a couple of beers, come back to the trailer, decide to post a blog entry, and you have to think about where you last were. Sorry for the run-on sentence. I have to laugh.

We reached the Finger Lake Region, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail in western New York. So beautiful! As Sandy and Gary said, "It's the middle finger of the 11-finger lakes." As Sandy holds up the infamous finger and laughs. Sandy is a graduate of Cornell University and lived in Ithaca, NY, a short drive from here; she is originally from England. Gary and Sandy have been married for over 45 years. It's always funny to see people's reactions when they learn I've been married four times. It's not something I offer during the course of a normal conversation but if they ask, what can I say? She and her husband are retired and work in the wine industry here and have lived at Seneca and Cayuga lakes for over 20 years.

I'll get a picture of them later. I'm meeting them both for a glass of wine on Friday at Sandy's winery.

Anyway, it was a great first afternoon and evening in this gorgeous area.

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