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Port Huron

Updated: Sep 18

I don't know where this journey is taking me. Meaning - where and why? The thing is, I'm not concerned or think about it that much. And I think that's the key, not thinking too much. Don't get me wrong, thinking is good. Solving problems and many issues we encounter requires us to think. But most of the time, if we just let things unfold, they evolve as planned without the added stress and agitation. I know for most people, this concept is a little "out there," but this is my philosophy and one that has been proven repeatedly to me in the last few years. Up to that point, I proved to myself that if I am in control, I should give it up because clearly, I have no idea what I'm doing.

We think we control outcomes and have "free will." I think that's just a cosmic joke. God lets us think we make choices; all the while, God knows the score and what the score is going to and supposed to be. I've always felt more comfortable acting from my heart anyway, but then I start thinking. Your intuition is that feeling you initially feel before you think. I'll add a caveat to this. Most of our decisions, if not all, are colored by our emotions and feelings about a person and situation. If I'm attached to a person's thoughts or desired outcome, I won't act appropriately and true to my intuition. My decision will not be true until I can grasp that concept and not be attached to an outcome.

Back to travels. So with Portia finally at 100% and her bloodwork indicating nothing more serious, we said our goodbyes to The Feeney's and Traverse City. I can't tell you how great reconnecting with Jim and seeing his wife and family was. We are now on our way east to Niagara Falls, Ontario, the Finger Lakes in New York, and then to Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine before winter hits in late November. I was planning on heading west from Michigan, but Jim thought while this far east, we should check out the eastern colors of fall. Great idea! Portia and I agree!

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