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Panama City Florida

The beaches here are amazing! White squeaky sand. It is not sand I've been told, it is eroded granite from the smoky mountains. Who knows. But it squeaks and it is beautiful. It has rained the entire time we've been here so we didn't get out as much as we would have liked but still fun. We are leaving today for the Miramar and Destin area before we head to Dallas. We are staying on the beach in Navarre, FL., and looking forward to it and weather should be much better for the next week or so.

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William Kruder
Dec 03, 2023

That sticker door is getting very full sir lol

Mike Mahoney
Mike Mahoney
Dec 04, 2023
Replying to

Yes it is. I have been very diligent.


Dec 03, 2023

I love watching Portia!! She's amazing. I'm been wanting to check out Destin, one of my friends has a place there. Looking forward to your blog on that. It's gloomy and rainy here too! Stay safe!

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