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On our way to Colorado

Updated: Sep 2

We left Flathead Lake, MT, and are now headed for Creed, CO. To meet some friends. Our first stop was Great Falls, MT. Where Lewis and Clark documented Giant Springs, the first magnitude spring where water flows from the snowmelt of the Little Belt Mountains through rock and then back up to the surface and is a constant 54 degrees year round. Sorry no pics. I don't know why, I just forgot to take a few.

We then went on to Sheridan, Wy. which is a 350 mile drive and my high limit for one day. Sheridan is small historic western town with its roots in mining and ranching. Fantastic sculptures line the main street, and a few craft breweries!

We left Sheridan yesterday, July 30, for Mount Rushmore. Since I don't do that much planning, I ended up finding a spot to camp at the KOA at Mt. Rushmore Palmer Gulch. This time of year, I need power, it's important so I can run the AC. My solar setup is excellent, but I lack enough power to run my amp-hungry air conditioner.

KOA campgrounds are nice, but they're like the Walmart of campgrounds, typically big with lots of stuff, not really my style if Inhad kids... maybe, but hey, I have everything I need and then some. In general, I have found RV parks to be great places to stay for periodically for a little more of the creature comforts, to do laundry, etc...

Sturgis is not far away and bike week begins Friday, August 4, so this you see lots of bikers everywhere. This particular KOA I would describe as Sturgis meets DisneyWorld. Dad's clinging to their biker alter ego riding their bikes through the park with kids, kids and more kids. It is pretty crazy and makes for great people-watching. I'll have some pics of the campground later.

Quick story about Mount Rushmore. About 14 years ago, I was living in Spokane, WA and bought a 1965 Mustang from someone in Mankato, MN. I decided to fly into Minneapolis St. Paul then rent a car one way to Mankato, pick up the car and drive it home. Everything went well with two exceptions-gas was leaking badly from the carburetor so I had to make a non scheduled stop to have it rebuilt in Wyoming. I was afraid of a fire. secondly, since I was close to Mt. Rushmore I stopped to visit the memorial. However, that time of year, it was very foggy and you couldn't see the sculpture. I have a picture of me somewhere, standing in front of the mountain with nothing but fog. The sculpture was completely hidden. As my friend Mary called it "Mt Fogmore." I just had to laugh. So getting back here someday was important to me.

Also you will notice a picture of a couple in the gallery below. I met them at a craft brewery in Hill City, SD. We were talking and I learned they are from Midland/Odessa, TX and have been on the road full time since 2021. He is retired but she still works. Just thought that was interesting.

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