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Good bye Florida

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

It's hard to believe we've spent a month in Florida. I've run into so many snowbirds who annually spend 3-4 months here to escape the cold. I suppose it's better than snow but spending four months here would not be my choice. Tomorrow, we depart. We've spent the last three nights in Navarre between Destin and Pensacola. I found this little old park right on Pensacola Bay on the gulf. It was quiet, with surprisingly few RVs and campers, which is nice from my perspective.

Portia and I will depart pretty early tomorrow morning for New Orleans, where we'll stay a couple of nights; then on to Beaumont where we'll spend the night at the Elks Lodge; then on to Austin - to visit the Nomadic Beerworks guys; then Dallas for a few weeks to visit friends, have some recalls and service done on the truck and have the Airstream inspected for any maintenance issues that may need attention.

My friends Kelly and Steve have been kind enough to let me park in their driveway, back where we started three weeks shy of 1 year ago. Hard to believe.

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1 Comment

Dec 06, 2023

Looking forward to getting together with you in Dallas.

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