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Duluth, MN

As Portia and I wake up this Wednesday morning August 30, 2023, you can feel that fall is very close. It's nearly 50 degrees here on Lake Superior just outside Duluth, MN. I know my friends in Texas would love that! I got up early this morning about 6 am. Made coffee and then took Portia on her morning walk. Walking around the campground I have a tight grip on Portia's leash as she can hardly contain herself with all the fluffy-tailed squirrels running around and up and down the trees.

I'm pausing this morning and contemplating where we are and where we've been. When I open the map on my phone a blue dot appears where we're parked. How in the world did we get here? We are over halfway across the US, and by the miles driven, actually could have been across the country and back, a couple of times. I'm thinking about all the places we've been so far and how different life is now. Life is simple and filled with essential and basic daily tasks, and my thoughts are much more colorful, clear, and contemplative. What I know, is that regardless of where I am, it is beautiful and I appreciate it for what it is. And it is the people and interactions with those people that I remember.

We will leave here tomorrow and head to Bayfield, WI for a night at Apostle Islands Campground before continuing to the upper peninsula of Wisconsin and Michigan. We will spend a few days exploring and then camp near Mackinac Island, MI and explore the historic island, then over the "Mighty Mac" down to Traverse City to visit with my friend Jim and his family for about a week.

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend!

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2023

It's great to see Minnesota, and Duluth especially, through your words and photos. Your next leg to Bayfield is one of our favorite spots in Wisconsin. I had a good friend who spent his summers as a captain for sailboat trips around the Apostle Islands. And, of course, Mackinac Island will be another treat, literally, since their fudge makers on the island are pretty spectacular!

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