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Bayfield, WI

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Here we are in Bayfield, WI. Thanks to my buddy Jim for giving me the idea. What a pretty place! I know it's Labor Day weekend, now, totally forgot about the time of year until early this week and planning where to camp. Anyway we got lucky. I mentioned we had one night at the Apostle Islands campground and kept our fingers and paws crossed for more nights right? Well what's that saying, "I'd rather be lucky than good." We got lucky so we're here for a few nights which I'm so thankful for. This place is crowded and is going to get more crowded today.

Today we're going to explore Madeline Island which is a short ferry ride from Bayfield. I think today will be the best day before the weekend. Madeline Island has been the traditional spiritual center of the Lake Superior Chippewa. And now I understand it's a very artistic and relaxed little island with beautiful beaches so looking forward to visiting. I was trying to get a spot to camp at the state park on the island but just missed out on the last spot, but that's OK we will ferry over and check it out. Anyway the weather is beautiful and supposed to be all weekend. Take care everyone.

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Sep 01, 2023

Lucky maybe, but it also seems Bayfield and the Apostle Islands want to welcome you and provide you a respite from your travels for a few days. Enjoy!

Mike Mahoney
Mike Mahoney
Sep 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Jim! Really enjoying this part of the country. So beautiful and people very friendly. It’s nice to stay put for a few a days.

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