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A rainy day in St Ignace, MI

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We arrived in St. Ignace on Tuesday, Sept 5, after a long day of driving nearly 400 miles. It was about 9 pm ish when I finished setting up the trailer, etc. I had some dinner and hit the sack early. It would have been Mom's 92 birthday.

Yesterday ended up being cooler with some thunderstorms, which Portia is not a fan of. To the point where she shakes and wants to get under anything. I wanted to take her to a beach, but it was just too wet, and she was too scared. So, I did laundry. We are staying at a KOA, so you know the laundry room is good. That's the thing about KOAs, you know what you're going to get in terms of amenities so I always take advantage of the laundry rooms.

After doing laundry and taking a shower, we took a drive. I headed to St Ignace to find an auto parts store. I found a NAPA store for a replacement wiper blade on the RAM 1500. On my way from Minneapolis to Duluth, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. Wiper blades are one of the items. I thought I bought two blades but no, I somehow only picked up one, which I realized after arriving and setting up camp in Duluth. So I replaced the driver-side blade. I had selected a higher-end Rain X brand silicone blade hoping it would be worth it although I didn't like the fact that the blade itself was yellow. Oh well, let's hope it works well and if so I'll pick up another for the passenger side. I didn't need the wipers until yesterday. Well, I was not impressed at all with my choice of wiper blades, thus the trip to Napa.

While looking at the wiper blade choices, I notice one of the Napa sales associates helping someone else with wiper blades and in his hands were the same Rain X brand of wiper I had purchased. I decided to follow him out the door to ask him about the blade when I notice him slipping a yellow sheath off of the wiper blade! Well I had my answer as to why my wipers weren't working well and he shared with me a similar story with another customer he was assisting before he realized himself that there was a cover over the blade. Needless to say, the wiper blades are great.

I can't beleive how many words it takes to tell such a pointless story. Portia and I did go for a drive yesterday over the "Mighty Mac" bridge that connects the upper and lower peninsula's of Michigan. It spans about 5 miles - 8,614 feet to be exact, and is the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world.

I was happy I had my new wiper blades. That was our Wednesday.

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Sep 07, 2023

Beautiful bridge photos. I remember that one as if I drove over it yesterday! And certainly all of us have a story similar to your Rain-X wiper blade miscue - thanks for sharing so I know I'm not the only one who doesn't always read those instructions on the package of car accessories before installing 😉

Mike Mahoney
Mike Mahoney
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

I was so happy to find that out!

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