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Hello friends. It is Saturday morning December 16, 2023. Portia and I are in Dallas at a little RV park off of 35. We're going to be here through Christmas then we're headed to San Diego.

I learned last Sunday from Jen my dear friend Matt's wife that he had left this world. My heart just sank upon hearing the news. I last saw Matt and Jen last February when we were in SD. He had been battling several health issues for 2 years. We had kind of lost contact during that time, which was all my doing because of my own personal shitshow. Little did I know that my brother was battling his own. It's incredible how small your world becomes when going through traumatic events. There is an early blog entry talking about our visit.

At the time it appeared that Matt was making a slow but steady recovery, however the set backs continued. We would text and talk once in a while and I was thinking I should get back west. But I didn't just hoping Matt would continue to improve and I'd see him again when I came back through the west coast.

And we were on our way west and in Austin when I got the news. I'm heartbroken. I feel for Jen, his daughter and grandson and all of us that knew Matt. He was such an amazing guy.

A memorial service will be in February and we will be there.

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