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Drink Up!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

I know when you see the craft breweries I've been to you'll question whether I have a problem. Anyway...since becoming a partner in a craft brewery in Austin in 2018, I have enjoyed not only the beers they produce but the stories behind them and the social aspect. The same holds true for other breweries. I love the small, neighborhood breweries in small industrial parks where they started as a home brewer and dreamt of opening a commercial enterprise so they can do what they love full-time. Those breweries are more like a local pub than a commercial brewery. Many of the latest breweries are trendy and upscale, and appear to be more interested in food than beer. I understand the need for scale and food but it just feels like they are more interested in money than crafting beer. I could be wrong about that, it's just a feeling. Every business's goal is to make money, at least enough to support its owner's family. In addition, artists want to share their art. Art, beauty, and joy enrich our lives and I think making beer and wine is an art.

Along with their beer, a low-key building, handmade furniture, local art, and maybe a warehouse next door... for me, that's the perfect environment for a craft brewery. As my friend Mary calls it, "a shorts and flip flops kind of place." And there are still a lot of those places around and new ones popping up all the time. It's also a perfect place to meet locals and get the feeling and personality of the area. You won't find a craft brewery in a strip mall or next to a Starbucks. However, there is one exception in Grover Beach, Ca,

You have to search for them. But with Yelp and GPS, you can find anything. Below are some pics of just a few of the breweries I have far. Lol. The last pic is of my current collection of brewery stickers. Most travelers have a map with all of the states they've visited. Well, I decided to track my travels another way.

Odd Muse Brewery - Dallas, Nomadic Beerworks-Austin, Moto Sonora-Tucson

Rough Draft-San Diego Societe Brewing-San Diego Coronado Brewing-San Diego

Lost Winds-San Clemente,Ca. Stone Church-Temecula,Ca Los Molinos-San Clemente,Ca

14 Cannons-Westlake Village,Ca. Ventura Coast Brew-Ventura,Ca. Topa Topa - Ventura, Ca

Rincon Brewing-Carpentaria,Ca Institution Ale-Santa Barbara,Ca. SLO Brew, San Luis Obispo,Ca

Central Coast Brewing-SLO,Ca. There Does Not Exist-SLO,Ca Oak and Otter Brewing-SLO,Ca

The door to my bathroom in the Airstream.

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1 Comment

Feb 24, 2023

Mike - that's a wonderful collection of craft breweries you've visited! I do enjoy keeping up with you through your "Ripples".

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