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Key Largo

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Portia and I are in Key Largo, FL, the northernmost part of the Keys. We plan to explore this area down to Key West through Thanksgiving. However, since arriving here, I haven't been feeling well. I tested myself for COVID-19, but to my surprise, the test returned negative. It appears that my symptoms are simply a result of my seasonal allergies, which are triggered by ragweed that happens to be in season here due to the different climate in Key Largo.

After taking some Claritin and going to bed early these past few days, I feel almost normal again. Interestingly, we happen to be camping just a couple of blocks north of the famous Caribbean Club, where part of the film "Key Largo" was shot. It's the only place in Key Largo where they filmed, as the rest of the movie was made on a soundstage in Hollywood.

As you might expect, the Caribbean Club isn't exactly the glamorous establishment it was in 1948 when the film was made. It's now the local dive bar and cash only. Nonetheless, it still has a great view of the water and a cast of characters for customers, making it a credible location for a scene in a movie.

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Nov 17, 2023

Looks fantastic! I always go to Dive Bars when I go to different beaches. I went to one in Daytona that still had a cigarette machine, playing classic rock and the people in the there looked like they've been there since 1970 😊 I'm glad you're feeling better.


Nov 14, 2023

Enjoy the people watching there!

Mike Mahoney
Mike Mahoney
Dec 04, 2023
Replying to

What a cast characters all throughout the Keys Jim and all of Florida for that matter!

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